Daylight savings time reminds us to “spring ahead”! 

And one of the best ways to effectively move forward toward our goals is to let go of any mental baggage that has kept us stuck. The FIDO Philosophy, an amazing little booklet on creating change by letting go, reminds us we are in charge, we are in control and we can create what we want in life, but we do need to let go of all the beliefs and frustrations that have kept us stuck where we don’t want to be. Remember whatever our beliefs, we find evidence to back up those beliefs. So we might as well believe--and find validation— that it’s important to let go of the past and focus instead on exactly what we want; then we get to watch the magic happen! Change how we think about counterproductive thoughts and in the process change our behavior and we ultimately create a different reality. And until April 30th you can get this dynamic little user’s manual for making things happenan eBook of The FIDO Philosophy--for only $7.99. At that price you might want to order several copies for friends who could use a dose of positive reality to kick-start their year.

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January 17

American Management Association

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

January 26

Power & Presence: Presenting with Confidence and Professionalism

University of Florida

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February 7

Good Morning Gainesville

St. Leo University - Magnolia Park

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March 8

Inspiring Women's Conference

University of Florida

March 14

State Comp

Santa Ana, Ca