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What should everyone at your organization know when they come on board? After one year? Two years? This program helps you assess and develop where your key employees need to be from a perspective of knowledge, people skills, ability to make decisions and organizational culture. As an example, does everyone understand his or her personality style and how that impacts all areas of communication? Is there a “Rules of Engagement” so everyone is on the same page with regard to timelines, how meetings are conducted, what is and is not acceptable? What are the skill sets needed around conflict, setting boundaries and basic management? What should employees know as they progress within the company, not from a skills perspective but from an emotional intelligence perspective, leadership perspective and interpersonal skills vantage point?

This program helps define and strategize exactly what areas need growth and development and helps design a plan to implement and deliver, modeled after a university setting that can include live and online classes complete with corporate “school” logo, graduation certificates and books that enable everyone to be on the same page from a knowledge and company culture perspective. And metrics can be put in place to quantify growth and results.

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