How’s the morale at your company?  What about your bottom line?  Are you finding that your top performers are calling in sick or perhaps even quitting more than ever before?  Are your managers stuck in the same rut they were five or ten years ago with the “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” mentality?

What about your competitors?  Are they offering better pay, benefits and opportunity for advancement? Everyone knows that people don’t leave their jobs just for money.  Generally, employees quit their manager, not their company, and go elsewhere.

If you feel you are doing everything right – constant positive and constructive feedback, open door policy, regularly scheduled meetings, competitive compensation, etc. – and your employees are still leaving, then something is out of whack.  Big time.  And, you are losing huge amounts of profitability and productivity every single day if even one of your employees isn’t performing 100%.

70% of business failures are due to communication breakdowns!
Yup, it’s that simple.  Or is it?

Changing the culture of a team is much more than getting together and discussing goals and vision. It requires the language of trust, commitment, and the ability to really communicate with each other in an environment that breeds honesty, creativity and open communication.  Jennifer Webb’s culture-changing programs provides the exercises, the assessments, the role-play, the dialogue and the lively interaction that is highly effective, interactive and most importantly, helps individuals retain and use new methodologies to create needed and lasting change.

What should everyone at your organization know when they come on board? After one year? Two years? Jennifer’s Corporate University helps you assess and develop where your key employee needs to be from a perspective of knowledge, people skills, ability to make decisions and organizational culture.

Did you know the person sitting next to you has a secret language?  Are you ready for an “Aha” moment that can transform your life?  When you become an
Omni-Linguist with Jennifer you can:

  • Build healthier work relationships almost immediately
  • Boost morale and help people handle major challenges without major stress
  • Get people on the same page and build a sense of team spirit
  • Communicate good and bad news in ways that the message will be heard and accepted, and
  • Motivate others to collaborate and play nice together.

These are just some of Jennifer’s programs, but all may be customized for your organization. Whether you need a speaker, a trainer, a workshop leader or someone to help you get back on track, contact Jennifer today to start creating change that brings true success for your organization.  Find out for yourself why dozens of Fortune 500 companies look to Jennifer for bottom line results.

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