Remember the old advertisement centered on keeping track of one’s children? The message: Good parents knew where their kids were and took time to be proactive and find out if they didn’t know. No excuses.

Well smart, successful people know where their minds are at all times. No excuses! Every second, every minute, we are either moving toward what we want or away from it, depending on what we’re thinking.

Have a bad week or an unexpected bill? Are you drawing more frustration to you by mentally calculating all the bad things that have happened so far?

Want a better week? Day? Afternoon? Start paying attention to what you’re thinking. Are you moving toward what you want, or have you even put into your subconscious mind the ideal outcome you’re aiming for?

Remember, if you hear someone say to you, “I can’t imagine owning that car (substitute going on that vacation, getting that promotion, dating that person, making that kind of money)”, then the only answer is, “You’re right.” If someone can’t imagine having something, then all the opportunities and lucky breaks in the universe won’t make it happen.

To Keep Your Mind Working for You…


Great ideas to keep your mind working for you:

1. Pick a topic or direction for the morning or the day. Stop from time to time to do the litmus test. Ask yourself what you’re thinking/focusing on, and then if necessary, switch gears.

2. Ask yourself who seems on track. Ask them their secrets: what are they reading or doing.

3. Put a feeling with the thought. Emotions propel us in the direction we need to go. When we’re dragging, we haven’t mentally bought into what we’re hoping to do and accomplish. Add a feeling of excitement or wonder or risk, and watch your mood and attitude change.

4. Take recess. Take just five or ten minutes out of the ordinary for a creative break, letting your mind wander, and have fun. A mind at play can be much more focused and creative than a mind that never goes out for recess.

5. Ask yourself, “What if?” It’s a good tool to stimulate mental movement and a batch of new ideas. Example:  What if I stopped having the Monday morning meeting and asked everyone to come at 2:00 pm on Tuesday for a speed meeting, five minutes per person to say what their goals for the week are? What if I came up with five good reasons to support the person who is giving me the most grief at work? What if I had pizza for breakfast and eggs for dinner today, and smiled at everyone I met?

Trick question, what are you thinking about this very second?
Is it taking you where you want to go?

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