Advanced Skills Training for Women

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What does “no” really mean and how can women use tactical skills and strategies to become powerful negotiators? In today’s business environment it is crucial to recognize the opportunities for negotiation, to develop confidence in order to negotiate from a position of power, to recognize what strategies others are using, to understand gender-biased prejudices and use those advantageously, to be prepared at all times for the unexpected and know the four-step technique—evaluate, prepare, engage and package—to be successful when negotiating.

Take-aways include how to:

  • Recognize the negotiating strategy your opponent is using and how to counter that strategy. Example, if someone is using a competitive strategy but coming across from a charming and disarming perspective, how to be aware of the tactics.
  • Understand the role gender-bias prejudices play in negotiation and how to use those to your advantage
  • Develop confidence through intuition, non-verbal awareness and preparation in reacting without emotion, anticipating and preparing for the unexpected
  • Utilize BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement) through evaluation, preparation, engagement and packaging
  • Negotiate from a position of power; thinking on your feet while planning your counter strategy
  • Always walk away with something and never letting a “no” derail your confidence and success

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