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Reclaiming Power through Strategic Choices:

The FIDO Philosophy is all about the choices we get to make every day, choices that ultimately decide just how successful we’ll be. Since we control much of our reality, we get to choose to hold on to anger and frustration and negativity, or to let it go. Our choice, our consequences. Misery and frustration in the work place are optional.

How do we create a FIDO mentality, the ability to stop reacting to situations and let go of the past, of anything we can no longer control? The answer is the focus of this program, it’s in the creation of new habits. After all, a habit is nothing more than a behavior that is constantly reinforced until we can do it without thinking. The FIDO Philosophy teaches how to create new habits, ones that will enable us to live our lives with less stress, with greater productivity, with better relationships and better health. And, of course, the proof is in the results.

This program looks at the choices we need to make every day in order to create smarter outcomes. By learning how to let go we create habits that enable us to live with less stress, greater productivity, joy and abundance.

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“It’s not possible to outperform faulty thinking.”

Donna Hamilton

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