1. Think of someone who acts the part of confident, and then do what Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (author of The Power of Positive Thinking) did when he didn’t feel motivated to lecture, he acted as if. Act as if you were the confident person you are thinking about. Eventually we start to feel what we only pretend (act as if) at first. The mind doesn’t know the difference between observing something we’re imagining and something we’re observing!

  2. Role play what you need to say, or better yet video yourself. It’s a great way to practice again and again until you project confidence and credibility.

  3. Ask yourself whose voice you’re listening to if you don’t feel confident. So often someone said something years ago that is still sticking with us, and it’s time to get everyone’s voice out of your head except yours!

  4. Remember a time you really felt confident. Now go back and feel how that felt, almost as if you were reliving it. The more we focus on the feelings we want, the more we start to bring them into our current reality. We’re either moving toward what we want, or away from it. And with the right focus we are continually moving toward making our goals realities!

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