"The FIDO Philosophy by Jennifer Webb is an essential handbook and guide for navigating changes – a how-to succeed despite the changes  in life.  As an advocate for women who have been thrust into making life changes, I found FIDO to be a blue print for the next steps in their journeys.  Remember that slight at a board meeting by a co-worker? The disrespect from a loved one?  The neighbor who stole your garbage can? Each moment we spend replaying that episode robs us of the time we need for ourselves - we are renting space in to those people. Ms. Webb has been through experiences that we can relate to - and she furnishes us with exercises to help us take charge of our future. " 

- JoAnn Wilkes, Coordinator, Focus on the Future, Santa Fe College

"Great session today. You totally met my expectations and brought magic to the room. Thorough, informative and very engaging. I received a lot of positive feedback from the team and there were a lot of references to lessons learned during our debrief session. It was really great working with you over phone and email and even more pleasure in person today. Great job and thank you. I look forward to attending one of your other sessions in the future." 

- Aigi Adesogan, Assistant Vice President, Division of Enrollment Management

"Jennifer's message is so powerful that triggered a profound desire in me, to question and change those beliefs that prevent me from being a better and more successful person."

- Dr. Héctor René Díaz Sáenz, Profesor de Liderazgo, Cultura y Comunicación Organizacional EGADE Business School, Monterrey Tecnológico de Monterrey

"Jennifer Web has an intriguing, engaging manner of presenting information.  Participants of all ages and experience will become actively involved in learning new approaches within minutes of her introduction."

- Virginia Mee,Faculty Director, Drury University, Springfield, MO

"JENNIFER WEBB is a true "Super Hero!"

To coin a clever segment of her presentation at our 22nd annual "Collaboration in Leadership" conference in San Antonio -- Jennifer Webb is a true "Super Hero!"  Super in the sense that she is a great communicator -- both professionally and personally.  She totally held our attention with her many ideas for changing beliefs to get results.  Her interaction skills with our group were truly outstanding."

- Charles L. Scott, The University of Tulsa

"Jennifer Webb is a winner on many levels. She delivers solid stuff in a great package.

 Her great presentation style engages and challenges the group making it easy to take in her insights, tips and simple people models. She covers a wide range of practical management and human behavior areas. Her personal touch models what she teaches and what she believes. On top of that, she is really funny and entertaining. It was enriching and dynamic time for me and my colleagues. She left us wanting more."

- Dick Dunsing,University of Richmond

"Jennifer Webb was a perfect facilitator and presenter for a group of 10 of us who have ‘seen and done it all’ in the professional development industry. Her magic was much more than just entertainment – it demonstrated the points she made about Change Management and how our own perceptions can impact our ability to move forward.  Thank you, Jennifer!  You really had the pulse of the group."

- Candace Cox, UNIVentures, Inc and formerly University of Denver 

"Jennifer Webb was a treat.  She came into a very compressed time-slot, showed no fear, did a good job of quickly assessing the group (also helping the group better know each other), and, instead of trying to stick to a rigid agenda, herded us right along toward learning something even when we resisted and wandered.  The sort of speaker I used to look for for the evening, after dinner, sessions with my Exec. Ed. groups to give them meat, but break up the nightly case study routine."

- Jim Phillips , University of Tennessee

"I cannot begin to adequately thank you for spending the morning with our team yesterday. You inspired everyone in a very profound way." 

- Sherry Houston, Executive Director Ronald McDonald House Charities

"Jennifer was wonderful! She was very engaging and supportive. She had wonderful examples and I learned many things I can apply in my job on a daily basis."

 - Dallas, Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

"This class was a very open dialogue and we immediately connected with Jennifer Webb. Her teaching style was very engaging and promoted open discussion. I enjoyed that we were able to discuss whatever came to mind and didn't have to keep a rigid schedule based on the material."

"The conference helped me to realize that we have to be our own cheerleader, communicate our victories, own our greatness and not wait on someone else to do it for us."

 - Dallas, Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

"Jennifer Webb is awesome. Our company contracted with Jennifer for coaching and help with internal communication. In addition to that Jennifer helped me personally with my relationship to ownership and management. She taught me a lot about how to communicate with different personality types. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a non partial view to their organization or department. A+ Thanks Jennifer for everything.”

- Peter Van De Koolwyk Senior Solution Architect // Lead Collaboration Engineer at Development Group, Inc

"Jennifer Webb has created a one-stop career toolkit in Zap!”

Howard Putnam, Former CEO of Southwest Airlines

"This all hands was the best ever – We are developing the super hero button idea to extend through our team for our everyday acts of heroism… it’s so motivating!”

- Lynda Frieden, Silicon Valley Bank

"On behalf of the Dominion Women’s Forum we want to thank you for a fabulous presentation. You gave us so many things to think about; you are a wonderful inspirational speaker!"    

~ Jean Rose, Dominion Women’s Forum

“I have known Jennifer Webb both personally and professionally for many years. Every time I’ve had an opportunity to hear Jennifer speak, the audience is engaged and leaves with something of value. Not only does Jennifer inspire people to excellence, but she truly gets it. Lucky for us, after spending some time with Jennifer, we get it, too. Whether you have a company of one or thousands, if you want to improve your life, be more productive and have fun while learning, call Jennifer. Your time with her will be time well spent.”

- Joyce Decker, Former Admissions Director of Morrison University

"Jennifer Webb's presentation at our NCA Central Texas Chapter meeting was amazing. The message was empowering and the magic incorporated into the presentation provided a great visual of how our thinking, our reality and our perception may not always be what it seems. Many of our members and guests have already asked if we can have her speak again. We all want to hear more from the talented Jennifer Webb! I personally will be purchasing her books for me and my team at LoneStars Celebrity Services!”

- ElizaBeth Caraway

"The IAAP audience loved having Jennifer Webb as a presenter for their spring conference. She was motivational, as well as having great insight into her audience’s needs and aspirations. Jennifer offered great advice to the IAAP audience and left them wanting more. Our time with Jennifer was way too short. We could have listened to her for hours longer! I intend to bring her back.”

- Susan Fenner, Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

“I just want to let you know how much we appreciated your professionalism and how well you led our training session. I was very happy with how you mediated and was impartial with our group and how you tailored our session to our needs.

If anyone would like to know, I’d love to tell them about your listening skills! You listened to us as a client and then you gave us the tools to help ourselves.

Thank you again for all your help, I’ve never been so engaged in a training before and would recommend you to anyone that needs your level of expertise in interpersonal skills training!!”

- Joyce Phui, Genentech

"Jennifer is a pro when it comes to presentation skills and engaging her audience. She provided a simple-to-use handout that truly grasped why we respond differently to various people in work and personal relationships, and how to improve communication results. Her evaluations were excellent and once again, Jennifer Webb scored high on effectiveness, relevance and overall excellence in providing valuable training to our local business community in Reno/Sparks, Nevada!"

- Kathy Carrico, Nevada Small Business Development Center

"The situation I had before my class is no longer existent and my manager has noticed my confidence pick up.  Thanks again Jennifer for all the help!!

- Mari G.


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“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw